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Women's Tipi Ceremony: A night in prayer around the sacred fire of creation w Andrea Long

Andrea Long is Co-Founder of The Singing Stone and Founder of Buffalo Goddess in Crestone, Colorado. At home in the pristine mountains of southern Colorado as well as in her travels around the world she assists and leads in ceremonies such as Vision Quest, Sweat Lodge, All Night Prayer Ceremonies, Yuwipi, and Ghost Dance. As a Pipe Carrier and Road Woman with the Native American Church, Andrea Long is committed to following this sacred path in a mature and socially responsible way for the community at large. 

As a result of visions and teachings received under the Divine Feminine lineages of North America, Andrea Long has birthed Buffalo Goddess. This spiritual group explores sacred mysteries as well as celebrates the endless beautiful manifestations of Spirit in this world. Through traditional ceremonies, dance, melodies, fine art, as well as ancient crafts, expressions of the Goddess are experienced in a wildly rich community. This celebration of uplifting the Feminine is for ALL to enjoy. To read more, sample songs, and shop for sacred supplies and adornments from the Americas visit