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Understand and join in the process to create 5 60mg THC infused bath bombs infused with essential oils to reduce stress anxiety and pain.  Create mindful moments for yourself and loved ones.

1/8 GanjaQueen Crowns with Nothing Bud Events

Learn the art and techniques needed to create beautiful floral crown arrangements with fresh organic local flowers and 1/8 of fresh organic cannabis take yours home and wear it proud like the Ganja Queen you are

Cannabis and Metaphysics: Sound Healing Chanting

Be guided in a healing and powerful medicated chanting experience with CBD products.  Learn how to increase your energy levels here with us and let us give you what you need to replicate at home.

Cannabis and Canvas with Local Denver Artist

Experience the process of painting a masterpiece.  Learn new techniques and skills as you paint a rendition of a classic painting while enjoying a Vape pen. Take home to hang.