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Ancient Tonic Herbalism

Join us for a fun & festive evening of exploring the Ancient Herbal Wisdom of East Asia.
This in-depth introduction will cover:

* The History, origins, and philosophy of The Gate of Life Lineage and Taoist Tonic Herbalism.
* Explore the unique actions and benefits of numerous Tonic Herbs, and how they can be used preventatively to increase Vitality and Health on All Levels
* Sample unique herbal formulas and rare tonic extracts to better understand their energetics and how they can positively impact our vital life force, inner cultivation, and spiritual growth.

$10 cover Includes One delicious Tonic Elixir Drink of your choice! 

For more information contact DJ directly: 

DJ Ankenbrandt is a self employed Tonic Herbalist and Educator, and is a carrier of the Gate of Life Lineage. He runs an herbal consulting practice in Cannon Beach Oregon where he spends his time crafting personalized herbal formulas, and teaching people about the life enhancing qualities of Tonic Herbs. He is dedicated to sharing the profound wisdom of plants with the world, and regularly teaches classes to his community and beyond.