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Medicine Song and Community Breathwork with Daniel McQueen


Facilitated by Daniel McQueen, MA, Executive Director of Medicinal Mindfulness, and Juan Wulff, Breathwork FacilitatorWe use a transpersonally aligned breathwork practice to enter an inner world of the imagination and somatic experience, leading to deep transformation, physical, emotional and spiritual healing, and encounters with the numinous and divine. This evocative program is designed to give participants a firsthand experience of Mindful Journeywork in a safe and sacred way without the use of psychoactive substances.

The beautiful temple setting of Vali Soul Sanctuary,located near Boulder, CO, creates an intimate experience and limits the number of participants to under 30. We have live, deeply transformational music, performed by our Medicine Song Band, Nibumbu, and facilitated by trained Breathwork Facilitators and sitters. It is an amazing and deeply healing experience.