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Healing & Awakening through Voice & Sound with Kristina Sophia

“The shortest way to attain to spiritual heights is by singing” Hasret Inayat Khan
You will discover ways to:
release trauma and stress
increase your energy
embody rhythm
feel the freedom of true vocal expression
overcome your fear of singing in front of others
connect with divine energies
raise your vibratory level

A graduate of Naropa University, Kristina has led workshops in voice, drumming and sound healing for over 20 years.  She is co-founder of Musical Ambassadors of Peace, a non-profit dedicated to helping create world peace through the power of music.  She has sung for an audience of 60,000 Egyptians in the Cairo stadium,  performed in Ecuador, Venezuela, Mexico, Panama, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, on the streets of Baghdad, and in over half the U.S. States.

Her passion is to bring peace and awakening to humanity through the power of music.

“Kristina is a master at opening the soul to its natural voice.  I highly recommend her.”
Christine Stevens, author Music Medicine
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