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Meditate the Frack Out of Boulder! In front of the Courthouse on Pearl Street, Boulder

Meet in front of the Courthouse on Pearl Street, Boulder

This is NOT a Vali Soul event but we WHOLE HEARTEDLY support THIS!!!!


**Please register for each date you plan to attend. All events are free but you will receive a ticket. When you RSVP/Register, please add how many people including yourself are attending. You don't need to print or bring your ticket with you.**

How to prepare

Wear black


  • If you intend to meditate, bring a cushion and blanket or back-jacks If you have an extra blanket, please bring that as well.

  • Bring fracking-specific banners or signs if you would like to wear them while sitting. We will have supplies to make signs on hand as well.

  • Bring water, hats (in case it is too sunny) and a jacket (in case it gets to be windy).

  • Bring gas masks, if you own one, to symbolically highlight the impact of fracking on our health. We will provide small paper masks.

  • If you are joining the meditators, please maintain a contemplative/prayerful spirit that allows for inner transformation of our heart and minds. This is not just about changing others but transforming ourselves in the process. Prepare to remain mindful or prayful even if you are not joining those who are meditating.

  • A gong will sound every 10-15 minutes over the entire 90-120 minutes signaling start and end of meditation periods.

  • Organizers will distribute information and action items as well as help direct adults/children to appropriate meditation spots or activities. Please let us know if you would like to volunteer or if you are bringing kids.

  • Be kind; this is a peaceful action based on our love of Boulder.

  • Transportation: Please note that Chautauqua is very busy on Sundays and has limited parking. Consider taking the HOP bus, biking or carpooling. For Monday, the SKIP runs every 10 minutes along Broadway.


We welcome endorsement in all forms. If your organization would like to support this event or if you have any questions, please contact


Organized by Boulder EcoDharma Sangha; Inspired by Buddhist Peace Fellowship; Supported by Moms Clean Air ForceNaropa Peace Studies and multiple faith based and grassroots organizations in Boulder County (TBA soon).