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New Life Emerging in Spring Dream Journeying Circle with Marta Aarli

In this seasonal group, we journey to connect with hidden parts of ourselves, asking deeper questions and seeking messages to assist us in waking life. Come with a specific dream you’d like to work with, or your openness to explore through journeying. We journey with shamanic drumming.

Bring a journal, cushion, blanket, eye cover, a meaningful object to place on our collaborative dream altar, and your intention to tune in to your deeper self.

To register contact Marta Aarli ~ 303.818.1888

Marta Aarli, MA, LPC ~ I am a psychotherapist and dream facilitator. My dream work is a confluence of shamanic journeying, psychodynamic and archetypal frameworks, Gestalt and inner dialogue work, and Robert Moss’ Active Dreaming. In my therapy practice I work with individuals and couples, and offer dream groups and dream journeying. A lifelong dreamer, I am deeply moved by the profound insights generated by a circle of dreamers, through synchronicity and tapping into the collective unconscious.