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Voices of Love - Joining Hearts for Global Awakening--- A Celebration in Song, Sound, Poetry, and Prayer

Freyja Wild is a mystic singer, composer and authentic voice teacher.  Her work is devoted to the awakening of humanity to the collective spirit we all share.  Her website is

Renee Hummel is an ecstatic poet whose work celebrates spirit, nature, and creative life. Her website is

Pati Scamacca is a psychic healer and reader, teacher, channeler and author of the book “Love is the Path Home. Spirit Messages for Awakening your soul” Her website is

Joanna Lynden is a composer/arranger and keyboardist who has received multiple arts grants for her multi-media productions and choral compositions.  Her work explores the Divine Feminine and ancestral wisdom.


Gregg Hansen is a lifetime musician on a mission. Through 50 years of Guitar, voice, and handdrumming he has added to the soundscape of earth as a performer and a teacher.  His websites are