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Thai massage class for professionals with Aey Lappichate

Thai Healing Art Institute (T.H.A.I) is the first branch and only branch in the USA. We are a local school with high standards and many resources to teach the Traditional Thai way to our students. In our program you will learn not only Thai Massage, but also many aspects of Thai culture - including the Thai language and Thai cooking.

We combine all levels, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced - all in one class. This is the way of The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society.
The  Thai Ajarns (Masters) teaching this class were taught all at once. The classes were never broken down into different difficulty levels, as seen frequently in schools in the USA.

Class details : Professional Class, All Levels combined, which includes Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced techniques.
1.  Learn and Understand the 10 sen lines where they start and where they end. Understand the Theory of Thai Massage.
2.  Learn what style/type of Thai Massage you are studying and understand the different styles/types that are currently being practiced.
3 .Learn the basic routine of Thai Massage. Basic routine includes : Prone Position, Supine Position, Side lying and Sitting up positions.
    We will teach you to understand the details of each of these positions, giving you the chance to design a routine  that is unique and tailored to fit your client's specific conditions and issues. Customize your own Thai Massage.
4. Learn the 3 important steps in Sen Line energy work of your Thai Massage Routine.
  * Learn How to press the Sen Line and how to find and feel the correct sen line energy.
  * Learn the right Pressure for the Sen Line
  * Learn the Correct body posture to press Sen Line to ensure you have full potential for pressure and proper body mechanics for a safe effective and long lasting career.
5.Learn, explore and understand benefits of the Yoga-like stretches that accompany your Thai massage routine.
6. Learn the beginning of some Medical Thai Massage Techniques.
7.Learn about Thai culture and Thai Language, which will be applied in class.
8. Learn about Thai cooking.

Schedule : Every Sunday for 7 days. Class will be held on Aug 21, Aug 28, Sep 4, Sep 11, Sep 18, Sep 25 and Oct 2 in 2016 at the. 9am-5pm.

Cost : $1500 -Sign up by end of June . $1800 after June. Register at

Certification : 150 hrs of Traditional Thai massage from The Union of Thai Traditional Medicine Society (Thai government Representative). 7 days in class and 100 hrs of Practice and self-learning

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