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Goddess Medicine Song Circle: For Men & Women- with Andrea Long

This is a wonderful opportunity to get a feel for the energy present in the Feminine altars of North America. 


In this workshop we will:


  • sing ancient and contemporary songs, mostly in the Lakota Language
  • dance to conjure Spirits of the land & Ancestors
  • share the sacred Pipe (Chanupa) honoring the Buffalo Goddess
  • pray to all directions for balance and peace
  • release energies no longer needed in our lives
  • remember the Great Goddess as she has been throughout Pre History
  • create deep, lasting connections between individuals who revere the Divine Feminine
  • celebrate this continuation of Summer fullness under the light of the waxing moon

We encourage each participant to arrive on time dressed as an expression of the Great Goddess that you feel called. Don't be shy! It is fun to share and enjoy each others beauty! Skirts or dresses and clothing that represents our deepest prayers to the Divine Feminine are encouraged as well as an open heart.

Bring the following if possible:

1 candle (unless we are able to do a fire outside?)
1 flower
pillow to sit on

Suggested donation is a sliding scale of $20 to $50. To reserve your place, please make your donation here:

To learn more visit Any questions? email Andrea at