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W.O.M.B. Dance Orgasmic Women (single/partnered) w/ Ixeeya Beacher

I know orgasm can feel so far away, frustrating and time consuming.
So lets help you learn more about your orgasmic capacity and your female body so you can know exactly how to not only experience climactic pleasure but to spread it throughout your whole body and life when you choose.

Its perfect timing...
The spring energy has arrived. The earth is inviting us into sexy play with her! 
The traditions of May Day and Beltane are in the air supporting you to ...

- Awaken your Sexual Power. 
- Reconnect with your sensual intelligence. 
- Experience More pleasure, less stress and pain.
- Honor and transform old sexual fears and wounds

Space limited to 20 women. We have 7 early bird tickets on sale now. 

Workshop is Saturday April 30 7p-10p & Sunday May 1- 9:30a-5:30p

A dynamic medley of timeless practices to welcome your body to the potency of spring. 

Practice receiving more sensation and love and embracing the power of your female radiance. 

You will learn to awaken and circulate pleasure through your whole body as a healing art. 

We will practice... tantric yoga, sensual dance, fire dancing and shamanic womb clearing. 

W.O.M.B. Dance techniques
womb centered living
sensual foot play
the art of receptivity

You will learn specific techniques to initiate and take with you:
a doable spring sacred sexuality yoga practice with follow up videos to make sure your practice lands effectively in your life. 

We will host a Q and A council on popular women's sexual regenerating practices:
Jade egg practice, female ejaculation, Beltane, shamanic sex magic, healing properties of your sexual energy and orgasm, what to do when you want to orgasm but feel frustrated and like you don't have time. 

*We will be both inside a beautiful temple space and practicing out on the earth with the elements and plants.

*NOTE: There will be no public genital touch or stimulation. There will be nudity encouraged yoga and dance for specific practices of sensual listening and re-wilding.
If you have questions about this please do not hesitate to ask me! 

Dear woman this is your time, your sanctuary, to take your time to discover the unfolding landscape of your sensual sexual self. 
This is for you. Not for getting better at sex for someone else in your life but for you to enjoy your body more as you are and become evermore awakened to her healing power and potential for creative joy and pleasure. 

You wont want to miss this Spring Initiation. Its just perfect for you if you are one of those women ready to Bloom but needing a lil support and inspiration to open all the way! 

Or you just want to have a ritual threshold crossing with a circle of women to mark your 2016 Spring Magic! 

Ahhh lots I could say! I am so passionate about women's sexuality as the door way to personal empowerment and planetary healing!
Please if you want more details do call or email and just ask. I am so happy to talk to you about it. 
I am committed to finding the perfect match of 20 women to co-create a magical event together. 
So lets chat and make sure this is for you.

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