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MEDITATION KALEIDOSCOPE Presented by Jan Katayama, Billy Costas and Trina Zaragoza

Meditations we will be teaching: Mindfulness in nature, Guided sacred garden, Chanting, Breath work, Sound healing, Drumming, Mandalas coloring

No experience necessary, come with an open mind and heart.

Cost: $50 per person


Jan Katayama is an intuitive healer who is both a Psychic, medium and Shamanic Practitioner. Jan is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Billy Costas Psy.D. Is an intuitive and certified sound healer. Trained as a psychologist, he now uses sound in all its forms to promote healing, expand awareness, connect with one's spirit and help others live a more joyful life.

Trina Zaragoza is a Psychic, Medium, Reiki Master, Shamanic and Angelic Practitioner. Trina is a RN and works at a Local Non Profit. She does work around empowerment of self and engery healing.