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What you will find here MONTHLY...
Bhakti Shakti Kirtan
Goddess Reiki Share with Meggin Sessions
Multi Dimensional Healing with Bette Hanson
Sacred CBD Ceremony with Simona
Green Lodge Goddess Gathering


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Green Lodge Goddess Gathering 4th Mondays 6:30-9:30  

Green Lodge Goddess Gathering
4th Mondays 6:30-9:30


A women’s only intensive healing workshop rooted in indigenous Earth medicines and how the female body aligns and flows with the lunar cycles. We sit in circle as in indigenous ceremony, passing a sacred item while each woman shares an insight, a poem, whatever you feel called to and deeply listen. This is a place of unconditional support and safety. Each Month features a different Goddess Healer and guests are required to request an invitation. 

The Green Lodge promotes women’s empowerment, support, and help in establishing a foundation for daily practice aimed at each owns personal growth

We aim to unify our strengths by honoring ancestral traditions while creating new ones. Each month we will gather with an array of Goddess Healers who will lead in varieties of Yoga, Meditation, & offer their sacred unique healing gifts. We gather to release, to celebrate, and to truly connect. Be prepared to make life long friends!

The Green Lodge Goddess Gathering
Mondays, 6:30pm-9:30pm
February 27th
March 27th
April 24th
May 22nd &
June 26th

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    Bette Hanson Multi Dimensional Healing 1st Wed. of Month 7pm-9:30pm (except 10/17)  



Bette Hanson
Multi Dimensional Healing
1st Wed. of Month

(except 10/17)


Evolutionary Earthwork for Transformation...

Expand your consciousness and experience a multidimensional healing as Bette Hanson facilitates a higher Source energy field designed to evolve, heal, transform and awaken you to your highest Self. Every Multi Dimensional Healing, is an awakening. Your intentions guide the process to clear the blocks, blueprints and negative patterns of outdated conditioning that keep us stuck. It can be tough to change, because this deep conditioning is everywhere we exist in all reality at interdimensional levels. Whether you are new to energy or a seasoned explorer, the intelligence of Source provides what you need. In this sacred space of healing anything can happen and it is different each and every time you participate. Perhaps it'll be a Divine mirror or an amplifier for what is needed to enhance the journey; an interdimensional portal or a deeply grounding anchor to Gaia. It could be a physically, emotionally or spiritually expansive healing or an expansive meditation; a light body activation or an energizing integration. This experience can be heart-opening, scary, thrilling, deeply loving, awakening, blissful, activating, restful, irritating or purging -- depending on how you set your intention and what Spirit dictates you need in the present moment. 

Bette's mission is dedicated to Earthwork, to serve humanity through helping raise individual and collective consciousness. Earthwork is a vital component to support the planet's shift away from disharmony and discord into balance, cooperation and peace -- one person, one space, one group at a time.

Space may be limited, please RSVP, however last minute walk-ins are always welcome. Expect to relax deeply and lie down, so please bring water, a blanket, mat and pillow for your comfort. This group is not a religion, spiritual practice, dogma or self-help course and requires no effort, background or belief. It is safe and compatible with any and all other modalities. All ages and all conditions of health are welcome.

Each healing follows a proven, holistic formula of grounding, relaxing, energizing, releasing, re-patterning, awakening and integrating. Some may fall asleep, slip into a deep meditative trance or experience a number of symptoms like chills, itchiness, heat, yawning, discomfort, heightened emotions etc., as negative blocks, karma knots, stored emotions, trauma and repressed feelings may be released. This can create an energetic detox with transmutational symptoms that are temporary. Note: From the moment you decide to come to this event, the Divine can start preparing you. Strong emotions or synchronistic situations may arise or you may even meet with resistance in attending. Bless it all as a gift and message. 
For details visit BetteHanson.com, or email: MDHealing@icloud.com


Bhakti Shakti Kirtan Every Sunday @ 7pm $10 Donation  

Bhakti Shakti Kirtan Every Sunday @ 7pm
$10 Donation


For more than a decade, people have come together at Boulder Kirtan to chant and practice bhatki yoga, the spiritual tradition of devotion. Our professional musicians combine ancient tools of Sanskrit mantras and sacred sound to foster emotional and spiritual well-being. Those parts of ourselves are often hidden behind our chatty minds and complicated egos. We find the results pretty amazing. People that consistently chant have less stress and depression. With fewer emotional roller coasters, their lives have more stability and happiness.

Kirtan quiets the mind, sharpens awareness and enables us to find our hearts. This can translate into wonderful things in your life. You’ll notice your behaviors and you’ll have the confidence to fine tune them, so your interactions with others are more pleasant. We’re trying to grow this momentum because it’ll make our community a happier place for all.

We sing together for two hours. Chants with simple words and melodies are used so everyone can easily participate. No need to be embarrassed or shy if you can’t hold a tune. Our musicians maintain the melody and before you know it, you’ll be following along in tune.

This isn’t an organized religion. Instead, we’re inspired by the teachings of Rishis of Sanatana Dharma and Hindu festivals. Many of our sessions celebrate these festivals with special mantras. We use the forms of Hindu deities to cultivate and bring out the good qualities within us so we can share them with others. 

We offer kirtan as a selfless service. Fees are used to cover the expenses of running the sessions, and paying our musicians for their skills and time. Many volunteers chip in so we can keep the cost of admission as low as possible.

(Please bring a snack to share after kirtan and socialize, we will make tea. 
Visit our website www.boulderkirtan.com and get your free weekly audio podcast.)


Meggin Sessions Goddess Reiki Share $12 @ Door 6pm-10pm Every 3rd Thursday  

Meggin Sessions Goddess Reiki Share
$12 @ Door
Every 3rd Thursday  

This is a Special Event for Reiki Goddesses!

Hello Beautiful Goddess Lightworkers!

Come Join us and celebrate the energy that radiates from this month by gathering, sharing, and healing the planet, our loved ones, and each other.

When we raise our vibrations with Reiki energy in present time and acknowledge our intentions, we align with the Divine and shift energies into their natural flow. except  Feb., May, & Aug. 2017

If you have something special that you keep on your altar to remind you of your personal power and how it is greatly needed in the world (you are a powerful healing source and a gift to the Universe!), the Reiki Crystal Grid is the perfect place to infuse it!

• Bring anything you'd like to be cleared and infused with Reiki energy to add to the grid: crystals, jewelry, letters, a scarf—anything you'd like!
• We will be working on massage tables and yoga mats (for anyone who would rather be grounded on the mat during their Reiki session).

Cost: $12 at the door or $10.00 per person via PayPal online! (Please know that the money obtained for this event goes directly to the room rental fee and meetup website fees.) I'm looking forward to seeing, sharing, and healing with everyone!



simona cbd.jpg

Sacred CBD Ceremony
Every First Thursday
7p- 9p



Join us for a Sacred CBD Healing Ceremony that establishes our connection with the healing spirit of the medicinal hemp plant. A hemp oil will be served and meditation leads us to opening our subtle energetic bodies and experiencing higher states of awareness. Through meditation and prayer we open to receiving spiritual guidance and possibility of healing. By surrendering into the experience of the Sacred Healing Ceremony, you are able to experience a new level of ease within your very own being. You can experience a renewed sense of connection to your higher self and the source that lives within as you ascend into a new octave of awareness, happiness, harmony, peace and oneness. All the doors open before you as you align your consciousness with the higher purpose and focus of your awakening.

We have used so far two different brands of CBD oil and we continue exploring other oils that are harvested locally in Colorado in our ceremonies.

Pre-register $20 at eventbrite www.simonamusilkova.com, at the door $30. 

For questions call (415) 290-9242.