This weeks hughlight is this lovely human, Bruno Treves. Come read about Bruno and what he has to offer the Vali Soul Sanctuary space and community. ॐ

This Month we would like to honor
Bruno Treves

dana pi.jpg

He Is our newest addition to the Vali Soul yoga crew and we are so grateful to hold him in his medicine and gifts.
Every week you have the opportunity to make it to THREE different yoga classes of his.





Bruno Treves helps people get out of pain, feel better and improve their performance throught life. His passion is to support his clients on their path towards better health, fitness and well-being. Bruno's aproach focuses on alternative medicine and natural healing methods. He specializes in pain relief and stress management with an emphasis on improving physical, mental and emotional patterns. Bruno is a holistic health practitioner, certified massage therapist,  yoga teacher, foundation training instructor and personal trainer serving the city of Boulder, Colorado. He currently teaches private and group classes, workshops and online classes.

Please join Bruno on Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday to experience his knowledge and passions.

Thanks for being with us Bruno!