A tribute to Bhkati Shakti Kirtan

At this time we would like to acknowledge Bhakti Shakti Kirtan.


Bhkati Shakti Kirtan has been coming here to the land for many years, sharing their medicine and their gift of song, even before Vali Soul was born! This is why we would like to acknowledge the presence of this group and to show them love and gratitude for the space that they hold here at Vali Soul Sanctuary.


Their commitment to community reflects in their tireless effort to show up, heart forward, every Sunday evening, starting at 7pm. Their devotion to uniting community reflects in the all inclusiveness of the evening including song sheets, encouraged participation, space for your comfort of singing, dancing, & sitting, refreshments, and a completion of a food share. Donations are of course welcome in exchange for their hard work and sacrifice but more valuable to them is your prayer, participation, and heartfelt presence.

The creation of these ancient Sanskrit chants are originally rooted in India. They are saturated with spiritual teachings & prayers and are brought to life through stories of ancient Hindu deities such as Shakti and Shiva. These chants and prayers create what we know as Kirtan and are focused on love in relation to health, healing, & happiness for the earth & her creatures AND for humanity.

Bhakti Shakti's creative inspiration manifests through the ripples of the bass & guitar, through the heart beat of the drum, and through the breath of the harmonium. Their voices carry the language and their unique song brings each participant on their own unique and collective journey of expansion and transformation inspired by LOVE.

Their magnificent altar remains set up in the Sanctuary at all times and holds the
g r o u n d i n g
force that vibrates the love and intention that is cultivated each Sunday.
Their presence carries on through each moment of the week and their devotion to this practice in this space has been such a blessing for this community.
We are grateful to consistently be infused with the love and care that Bhkati Shakti brings to this community each week.


So, to the creators of the music, to those that hold the vision, to all who participate, and everyone else holding it down behind the scenes; We honor you we see you and we thank you.

मम शक्तिः त्वत्तः आगच्छति


For more information please see https://www.facebook.com/groups/BoulderKirtan/

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