A tribute to Bhkati Shakti Kirtan

At this time we would like to acknowledge Bhakti Shakti Kirtan.


Bhkati Shakti Kirtan has been coming here to the land for many years, sharing their medicine and their gift of song, even before Vali Soul was born! This is why we would like to acknowledge the presence of this group and to show them love and gratitude for the space that they hold here at Vali Soul Sanctuary.


Their commitment to community reflects in their tireless effort to show up, heart forward, every Sunday evening, starting at 7pm. Their devotion to uniting community reflects in the all inclusiveness of the evening including song sheets, encouraged participation, space for your comfort of singing, dancing, & sitting, refreshments, and a completion of a food share. Donations are of course welcome in exchange for their hard work and sacrifice but more valuable to them is your prayer, participation, and heartfelt presence.

The creation of these ancient Sanskrit chants are originally rooted in India. They are saturated with spiritual teachings & prayers and are brought to life through stories of ancient Hindu deities such as Shakti and Shiva. These chants and prayers create what we know as Kirtan and are focused on love in relation to health, healing, & happiness for the earth & her creatures AND for humanity.

Bhakti Shakti's creative inspiration manifests through the ripples of the bass & guitar, through the heart beat of the drum, and through the breath of the harmonium. Their voices carry the language and their unique song brings each participant on their own unique and collective journey of expansion and transformation inspired by LOVE.

Their magnificent altar remains set up in the Sanctuary at all times and holds the
g r o u n d i n g
force that vibrates the love and intention that is cultivated each Sunday.
Their presence carries on through each moment of the week and their devotion to this practice in this space has been such a blessing for this community.
We are grateful to consistently be infused with the love and care that Bhkati Shakti brings to this community each week.


So, to the creators of the music, to those that hold the vision, to all who participate, and everyone else holding it down behind the scenes; We honor you we see you and we thank you.

मम शक्तिः त्वत्तः आगच्छति


For more information please see https://www.facebook.com/groups/BoulderKirtan/

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This weeks hughlight is this lovely human, Bruno Treves. Come read about Bruno and what he has to offer the Vali Soul Sanctuary space and community. ॐ

This Month we would like to honor
Bruno Treves

dana pi.jpg

He Is our newest addition to the Vali Soul yoga crew and we are so grateful to hold him in his medicine and gifts.
Every week you have the opportunity to make it to THREE different yoga classes of his.





Bruno Treves helps people get out of pain, feel better and improve their performance throught life. His passion is to support his clients on their path towards better health, fitness and well-being. Bruno's aproach focuses on alternative medicine and natural healing methods. He specializes in pain relief and stress management with an emphasis on improving physical, mental and emotional patterns. Bruno is a holistic health practitioner, certified massage therapist,  yoga teacher, foundation training instructor and personal trainer serving the city of Boulder, Colorado. He currently teaches private and group classes, workshops and online classes.

Please join Bruno on Tuesday, Wednesday, and/or Thursday to experience his knowledge and passions.

Thanks for being with us Bruno!

Here we go humans! Another Glimpse of the next two weeks, here, at Vali Soul

First off, here is a quick preview of our beloved yoga classes:


Veronique- Kundalini Yoga @ 430p-545p
Jackson- Tai Chi Fundamentals @ 6p-730p
Bruno- Simple Yoga Flow @ 9a-10a
Molly- Vinyasa @ 2p-3p
Bruno- foundation Training- 8a-9a
Bruno- Simple Yoga Flow @ 9a-10a
Taylor- Vinyasa @ 4p-5p

And of COURSE our beloved Kirtan Concert every single SUNDAY at 7


Aprylisa Snyder
Come Home To You
This Tuesday
9/12 & 9/19 6p-8:30p

aprylisa ch2u.jpg

Alchemia Dance Class
w./ Laurie Pemberton
Wednesday 9/13 & 9/20


There will be a Sound Healing Concert

w./ Nathan Dyke on

Monday 9/11


Meg Sessions is, of course, bringing her monthly Goddess Reiki Shares on Thursdsy 9/21 from 6-10


And last but most certainly not least....
Sister Winds Fall Festival is at
Vali Soul Sanctuary this year!

  • Saturday, September 23, 2017
  • 10:00pm  10:00pm

Sister Winds 9th Annual Colorado Festival, first year we are having it in the Fall ♥ 

Last year we raised and donated $1900 to Bee Safe Colorado.
The Year before $720 to Restore Colorado to create local seed banks (there is now a free seed bank at Boulder County Library)
The Prior Year $570 to Villagers in Cambodia to get water in their village thru well

This is a Special Year for us because we are using the proceeds in to Establish Ourselves as a Non-Profit to Create more spaces and places for the Feminine voice to be heard and honored.....while creating funds for global causes.

sister winds.jpg

A lot of Feminine energy coming through the Sanctuary these next couple of weeks and we feel so honored and GRATEFUL to hold space for this empowerment.

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Curious whats happening here over the next two weeks?! Check it out.. August 28- September 12

As always we have our truly outstanding yoga, dance, movement, and sound crew bringing the medicine weekly.

Veronique- Kundalini Yoga @ 430p-545p
Jackson- Tai Chi Fundamentals @ 6p-730p
Bruno- Simple Yoga Flow @ 9a-10a
Molly- Vinyasa @ 2p-3p
Bruno- foundation Training- 8a-9a
Bruno- Simple Yoga Flow @ 9a-10a
Taylor- Vinyasa @ 4p-5p

And, don't forget EVERY Sunday is Bhakti Shakti Kirtan starting at 7p


kirtan vss.jpg

On Saturday evening starting at 6:30 There will be a
Fundraiser & Concert through Solstice Insititue w./ Sheela Bringi and other Musicians
The fundraiser is to support rescue work in New Delhi, the rescuing of young girls from sex trafficking.

PLEASE come to support this cause!


breathwork w DM.jpg

 Daniel McQueen has been holding his Medicinal Mindfulness Breathwork Ceremonies here for a few years now and if you have never come, consider coming Tuesday September 5 from 6-10


Are you interested in CBD?
COOL! Us too! that's why we are happy to have Simona here hosting her Sacred CBD Ceremonies, every first thursday of the month beginning September 7!

16th soul rebel.jpg

Lastly but most certainly not the least of them all is Robert bringing back his beloved Annual Soul Rebel Festival. This will be the 16th year so come celebrate on Saturday the 9th at 3p-12a. 

Thanks for tuning in! And, of course, if you have any medicine to share please contact us! Any questions? Feel free to ask! 



Sanctuary Happenings: August 13- August 27

Hello Boulder Peeps... and beyond...

Here is an update on the happenings at Vali Soul Sanctuary for the next two weeks. (8/13/8/27)

As usual, and we would like to remind you of, our weekly Kirtan Gatherings happening every Sunday with Bhakti Shakti Kirtan Chanting and Meditation Group.
Come join us... starts at 7!

Also, we have added two new teachers to the yoga movement team, 
Bruno Treves who will begin teaching two different Yoga classes starting 8/22 (Tues-Thur @ 9am) 
Jackson M DeWitt cultivating your Tai Chi Experience- Mon @ 6

Did you know we also have 3 other long standing yoga teachers that teach here weekly?
Molly Curtis- Vinyasa- Tues @ 2:00
Veronique Foster- Kundalini- Mon @ 4:30 and
Taylor Baker- Vinyasa- Thur @ 4

Laurie Pemberton is here sharing her dance magic every Wednesday at 6 with her Alchemia Dance Class. If you haven't yet had the chance, I highly recommend!

If you feel curious about Aprylisa Snyder and her weekly Come Home to You gatherings on Tuesday nights feel free to reach out to her! <3

Also, if your all confuzzled as to what you need to do with yourself during this eclipse time, we have an Eclipse Concert Celebration of North Indian Classical Music w./ David Trasoff, Sarod & Jeffrey Rodgers on Tablas happening 8/18 and starting at 7.

The following day, 8/20, there will be a Spirit Guides New Moon Retreat w./ Maeluna Rad lasting all day, from 10a-7p.

One more thing, Friday 8/25 is filled with prayer including Intro to Peruvian Shamanism and Sacred Tobacco Healing Ceremony Workshop w./ Jeff Firewalker
All this starts at 4:30.

Details for these classes, workshops, and gatherings are all listed on our website. 
If you have any questions directly related to website/facebook please email me, Dana, @ Valisoulsanctuary.dana@gmail.com.
If you have any questions directly related to the studio or are interested in sharing your medicine inside the Sanctuary please contact Ullas at Valisoulsanctuary@gmail.com

Otherwise feel free to reach out to these teachers and hosts for more information regarding their classes and gifts.