The Temple of Vali Soul Sanctuary was built in 2011 by Sadhna Khalsa. It is the focal point of nearly 9 acres of land surrounded by trees, water, and wildlife as it sits about Sawhill Ponds Wildlife Sanctuary in Boulder, Colorado. The temple holds a special magic to it as the structure and its vision came quite literally to Sadhna in a dream. Lead solely by this dream, Sadhna created the temple which is now home to Vali Soul Sanctuary!

Vali Soul Sanctuary  was founded in January of 2016 by Dana Connor, Ullas Morales and Ana Flachier. Stemming from Sadhna's dream, the three worked together to share the vision with the community. It was important to all those involved in the vision to choose a name that reflected the importance of community as a family. The original name of the sanctuary was Vali Studios, as a namesake to Sadhna's daughter, Ratnavali.  Wanting to honor the tradition, while at the same time incorporating a more powerful feeling of a safe space for deep soul work, the name Vali Soul Sanctuary evolved.                                        

Here at Vali Soul Sanctuary, you will find a peaceful environment to attend workshops, classes, events, as well as ceremonies. A safe container is held for you to journey during these events in order to seek beyond your tangible existence and into the depths of your soul. With the right intention, healing your heart, exploring your existence, and finding peace are some of the opportunities offered.  

Yoga & dance classes, breathwork ceremonies, reiki workshops, community gatherings & events, such as Kirtan, are just a few of the events that are filling our calendar regularly. Our schedule is always changing  and it is important to know that new things are constantly being added to the schedule. We follow no specific dogma or genre of spirituality and are a melting pot of healers, facilitators, and guides!  We welcome you to come find your medicine!




Ullas Brian Morales, Founder
720-393-0434- (Booking, Scheduling, and Reservations) 

Dana Connor, Founder (Website & Social Media Postings)

Ana Flachier, Lead Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Sadhna Khalsa , Dreamer & Maintenance